AUTOMATIC REDIAL – Goodbye, Blockbuster – November 8th, 2013


Don't get your hopes up, because this is an old show that originally aired on November 8th, 2013.  It's a tribute to the store we all once loved, until we all started mocking it for being old and pointless.  In this show you'll get to hear some attempts to shut down Blockbusters early, during the weeks before they were all about to shut down anyway.  You'll also hear a Blockbuster corporate phone conference, where a corporate lady tells 180 store managers how to maximize their profits before they all get fired.




I run this town.

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13 Responses

  1. Sam Wheeler says:

    Yay! Now all your fans that are too stupid to use YouTube or maybe clicking back a few pages on can be satisfied. Next Brad will be giving them foot massages and adopting their kids for them.

  2. gizmo says:

    My fav show of all time

  3. Please do another episode of “Happy 8th birthday, you slut” and maybe other things to write on cakes.

  4. You should add new voice-mails and commentary to the old episodes.

  5. TK Billington says:

    At 25:37 – He says the store is closed and to please re-seed the Encino Woman torrent.

  6. Ya Boy Javi says:

    how do I play the epsiode?

  7. i eat rocks says:

    someone rehost this, shit dont work!

  8. I remember when Brad did this show live I couldn’t believe how one store closed for the day…amazing

  9. Yes I was thinking the same as above Rbcp you need to add some reminiscing about the old shows if you are going to replay them or maybe you could stop the tape and add some DVDs extra style directors and friends commentary. Or maybe that’s a good idea to do with your most classic (play radio) of shows ………..Adam Jinhua and aj

  10. Ipokesmot says:

    Just kidding here’s the real show:

  11. FijiLaw says:


  12. Jalonta says:

    Believe it or not, there are still 14 running franchise-owned Blockbuster stores in the US. 8 in Alaska, 3 in Oregon, and 3 in Texas. Check out this website for more info

    Arby, I think you should give them a call.

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