RBCP Is Out Of His Tree

Thanks for this picture, Uncle Hillock!

Thanks for this picture, Uncle Hillock!

Milkbrain sponsors this show where we call pet owners who took their dogs in for grooming and let them know that we accidentally killed their dog.  OMG, it's so funny when they cry!

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I run this town.

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10 Responses

  1. cranky old man says:

    There should be a Royco Constuction Tshirt, by crackee.

  2. cranky old man says:

    I think that would be a good idea, by crackee.

  3. NooMoahk says:

    That tune at the end is incredibly annoying! What is it called?

  4. I don’t know why you release anymore than just 1 show per week to FREE listeners regardless of the patreon. You CAN make a patreon only feed with over 1 show per week and another with OLD shit that REAL PLA fans (and most likely already patrons) have already heard. See how there wouldn’t be a conflict and there would be more incentive to be a supporter, while still getting your great content. There’s always the live shows that will tease people who aren’t patrons.

  5. Amie says:

    I’d release the old stuff including the shows with different names. There’s old stuff on there like grouchy old man and that one guy Jayson Johnson or some shit like that supposedly slept with a young girl and ran around with a pager for EMS calls. A lot of shit that gets referenced.

  6. GokaiRed says:

    I was on vacation for a week, and came back to find four new shows to listen to! Work is going to go by quickly. Thanks Brad!

  7. Apocalypse says:

    I dropped out of the Sno Plo Sho scene for about a week and found some new episodes on here! It felt like Xmas in July

  8. Ben says:

    Yes, releasing an old show on the new podcast feed would be a good idea. However, I believe you could take it a step further by recording yourself making additional comments on everything you did. For example, make a loop that identifies present day RBCP. Then make random comments on top of what past RBCP saids on top of the pranks. There are a lot of opportunities to make fun of yourself and the “prankstars” within your old pranks.

    In addition, you could invite others to come on and critique your old shows while they’re going on. Matt, Neon, Carlito, hell even Trainwreck, could co-host and give you props or hilariously make fun of you as the show goes on. FYI: one of the reasons I listen to madhouse is because of the random conversations between Carlito, Milkman and various other guests

  9. Perth (Ben) says:

    Brad I am all for old shows being replayed on the podcasts as iTunes only keeps either 50 episodes or 1 years worth of shows per podcast in their feed. So I think it’s a great idea, and old shows are just as good as new shows :)
    Ps. snow and plough don’t rhyme.

  10. Dee Nineson says:

    Personally I do not want to see old stuff on the homepage, but if you are going to do it, please consider having a separate page we can visit to see only the new stuff.

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