PLA Killed The Prank Star

Thanks for sending this picture of bathroom graffiti, Arlo!

Thanks for sending this picture of bathroom graffiti, Arlo!

Gizmo is the reason this episode gets completely sidetracked, starting with homeowner calls and ending with return desk confessions.

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I run this town.

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12 Responses

  1. Sherlock Homeless says:

    Yaaaaay, new show on my day off! Oh Bradley, I wuv you long time and such.

  2. Johnny Lemon says:

    RBCP, a couple of new options to add to the challenge;

    1. Make a woman sensually moan “cactus” at least 12 times to increasing climax.

    2. Make a woman sensually moan to include the phrase “Roy the retarded boy”

  3. garsh says:

    RBCP could you please upload your new loop of crazy carnie music?

  4. Sherlock Homeless says:

    I don’t do FB, but as far as challenges I think you should have to succeed at initiating phone sex. Bonus points if it’s a dude.

  5. Ipokesmot says:

    Hey Royyyy.. any chance you’ll put back up Roy’s BBS? I haven’t played L.O.R.D. in ages.

  6. at&t deathstar says:

    holy shit I was at that Kmart in Iowa City two weeks ago before I returned back to the dreary Pacific Northwest.

  7. Adam Kane says:


  8. Please don’t make women moan on the phone.

  9. Toiletman says:

    Oh Brad at least you are going to get to my list of ideas and numbers in quarter of the century. YES YES YES YES

  10. Ipokesmot says:

    Hey Roy, here’s an interesting vid about a pizza place that keeps getting 200 calls a day because of some video game lol:

  11. Jolanta says:

    The new big trend is this app Pokemon Go which has players physically traveling to various real-world locations to catch pokemon and advance in the game. I found this image online (yes, it’s real, not photoshopped) where a “24-hour mirrored gloryhole maze” is a “pokestop” for the game in Seattle. Naturally this immediately made me think of the PLA.

    Arby, I think you should do some Pokemon Go prank calls. Call up home-owners saying you fell off their roof/into their pool trying to catch a squirtle. Call up businesses and complain that their displays are hindering you from catching pokemon. Say that you got hit by a car in their parking lot trying to catch pokemon. Hell, call up that club z and say that you’re trapped in the glory-hole maze trying to find a squirtel. Definitely try to say squirtel a lot, because it’s a funny vaguely sexual sounding pokemon name.

    Just a thought since it’s all the rage with the kids these days. I’m sure you could think of a zillion ways of incorporating it into prank calls if you wanted to.

    Gotta Prank em All!

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