I Don’t Like You

Stalin Without The Charm brings us a show full of me not liking people.  Prepare to be surprised at how much people care that a random person they don't know doesn't like them.  Thanks for the idea, McSkat, and Happy Birthday, Stalin!

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I run this town.

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10 Responses

  1. Ipokesmot says:

    Holy shit those people in Boulder are fucking weird, I don’t like them either.

    Think I’ll make a lenny-loop of that Karma guy lol.

  2. Dan C says:

    Nailed it! I loved that idea on the last show and it was even better with the Mayor twist. Who made the Bob Murphy audio clip in the beginning? That was awesome

  3. Stalin_Without_The_Charm says:

    Thanks for the birthday wishes RBCP. It’s nice to mot be liked!
    – Stalin

  4. Stalin_Without_The_Charm says:

    Uhhh, *not

  5. rbcp says:

    I made the Fight Club Bob Murphy thing. And you’re welcome, Stalin. I would have done it closer to your birthday but I don’t like you.

  6. Jalonta says:

    “Think I’ll make a lenny-loop of that Karma guy lol.”

    Funny you should say that, I thought that the ‘he doesn’t talk well’ couple sounded like a lenny-loop at first.

  7. Edward GoCupperson says:

    I think you have ADD

  8. abco says:

    why is this post showing twice?

  9. DrPhilHouse says:

    You should call as “Collin” and then when they say “Collin who?” You can say “Callin you!” Or just start going by Collin Hu. Love ya Brad

  10. DrPhilHouse says:

    Or “Collin Yew”
    Catus catus

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