Who’s A Good Boy?? WHO’S A GOOD BOY????

Thanks for the show art, Nik! (visit Nik's site at www.scary-art.com)

Thanks for the show art, Nik! (visit Nik's site at www.scary-art.com)

Honey Baby is the responsible party for today's atrocities against dog parks and dog owners. Honey Baby is the person whose ears perk up when we excitedly ask WHO'S A GOOD BOY??  Honey Baby is the sponsor of today's show, where we call a bunch of people from a dog park member list.  Yes, apparently there are dog parks with member lists.

  • Puss N Boots by Kon Kan
  • Vote for TSPS on podcastawards.com
  • Watch the anti-pay TV commercial.  It's special
  • I completely forgot about the rap battle homework assignment, so that's what that one hacker voicemail was about.  Stupid me.  I bet that's why I have 50 voicemails here.
  • Who Let The Dogs Out by Baha Men
  • Killin' My Boner by Positive Attitude


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I run this town.

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11 Responses

  1. FijiLaw says:

    Another awesome show, Roy’s back! such a good list (Dog Park),thanks for the many LOLs :O :) :)

  2. Ipokesmot says:

    New name for prank “victims” – CactiCunts

    Also if you do more dog calls, say the DNA test shows that the dog is reincarnated from Whitney Houston.

  3. GokaiRed says:

    This was one of the best shows in a long time. Great job, Brad! The ending was fucking hilarious.

  4. Adrian Heredia says:

    Final boss. that was amazing. fucking poodlephile. Laughed out loud at work when she was naming off all the shit you did.

  5. Dan says:

    Here’s 2 suggestions for a new prank victim term..

    1.) Prank Survivor.

    2.) Prank Target.

  6. Boggy B says:

    My brother was in the chatroom the other day. He goes by Jean428

  7. Kuraz says:

    best final boss ever! I laughed so hard, I still have tears in my eyes.

  8. Perth says:

    It’s Perth here you had a voice mail about the Pranksgiving last year. If who ever needs a copy of the podcast I am pretty sure I have a copy of them all either leave a message on here who ever wants it and how I can send them to you and I will

  9. Ben says:

    If the Snow Plow Show would have a contest at the end of each year for the “Prank of the year” in which listeners could vote for the best prank, the “prankee” could then be considered an “inductee” or “inductee into the Cacti Awards.”

  10. Ben says:

    More alternative names for “Prank Victim”

    – Partaker
    – Receiver
    – Greeter
    – Recipient
    – Beneficiary
    – Heritor
    – Contender
    – Challenger
    – Opponent
    – Foe
    – Rival
    – Adversary

  11. Aaron McIntrye says:

    BEN your ideas are dumb!

    They are ‘prank customers’ because RBCP is the ‘Pranker’, and we are the ‘Prankees’.

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