Tenants From Heil Hitler


Thanks for sending this image, Whats Your Face

Thanks for sending this image, Whats Your Face

In today's show, Steven W. causes us to call landlords and weird them the hell out.

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I run this town.

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8 Responses

  1. battleboner says:

    best show name yet

  2. James Allan says:

    When the show is live?
    Time, and day plz.

    • rbcp says:

      There’s no schedule for live shows. You just have to follow @phonelosers on Twitter and hope you catch the announcement for a live show.

  3. Call people in California, they’re having a drought. Tell them they’re over there water allotment. As punishment, They need to help build the wall for Trump because the Mexican government said they weren’t going to pay. Say they need to go to the local ‘Planet Fitness’ to start getting rid of their FUPA.

  4. asdasdffasd says:

    Instead of calling them “roycipients” or “prankstars”, why not call them “mini-bosses” which leads up to the final boss.

  5. Sherlock Homeless says:

    Is it Dingtember yet? Because I have the best idea ever. Guess I’ll just go ahead and shut the fuck up for another few months.

  6. at&t deathstar says:

    I’ll post posters all over Portland.
    that will help 4 sure.

  7. Captain says:

    The ending sound sounded like MC Pee Pants

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