No Girls Allowed

Kelli S. is the sponsor of today's show, where we call up members of a Men's Club and present them with various wacky situations.  This is the 2nd part of Friday's live show.

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17 Replies to “No Girls Allowed”

  1. I’m glad you covered the nomadcowatbk article. What a legend!

    He is still active, THOUSANDS of pranks uploaded.

  2. Abco’s idea of “respondent” is good. I think “Prank Call Responder” would work as well.

  3. How about Teacher and Student?

    You (the Teacher) are imparting knowledge to the Student (formerly the “prank victim”) in an attempt to prepare him/her for the real world

    And if you play your cards right, you will hopefully have gained something of value from the Student as well.

    The Teacher/Student relationship is a sacred one (and much more positive-sounding than “prank victim”), so make sure not to abuse it…

    (or maybe the same idea, but use Master/Apprentice instead)

  4. I will have to flush Dan, Lite, Churp, Dude, Ben Covus, Boggy B, Ben, Abco, Courtland Kurt, Aaron Mcintrye down the toilet, (FLUSH FLUSH FLUSH) HEhehehehehehe

  5. LOLZ show, easily one of the best, the laughing victims made this an awesome one. Thanks Brad, watch survivorman on you tube, it helps me when i wanna eat less, cheers!

  6. Instead of “prank victims” we shall call them prank sponges…since they are happily absorbing the jokes.

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