Permit Applications

Thanks for making this pic, Bill White!

Thanks for making this pic, Bill White!

Stan Trucker is the sponsor of today's show where we call people who've filled out event permit applications and present them with various wacky situations.  This show also contains the world premiere of El Hombre's new single titled Under Your House.

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I run this town.

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8 Responses

  1. ed fish says:

    This video embed contains the original, unedited show, where you get to hear much more ringing”

    Where is the video? :(

  2. Dee Nineson says:

    Yo, you plug the torrent every other episode, but I have been trying to download it for 2 weeks and there hasn’t been a single seeder! Can someone with the torrent downloaded please seed it?

    Also, as always, keep up the good work. Love the shows :D

  3. efeiufyeufyeuyfufy says:

    the wiki is a nice idea, but it has too many ads, which is annoying.

  4. rbcp says:

    Only a hobo sees ads on the internet. You need an ad blocker plugin. I see mine is blocking 22 ads on the wiki.

  5. Hi, I’m here to complain about missing the live show. Stan Tucker needs to be fired or reprimanded for his actions.

  6. Ipokesmot says:

    How dare you do a show while I’m busy sleeping lol.
    PS – Tonight at (12am EST / 9pm PST)

  7. vern says:

    Watch this…I wonder if they are a fan

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