Trick Ass Ho

Thanks for illegally capturing this copyrighted image, Apocalypse!

Thanks for illegally capturing this copyrighted image, Apocalypse!

Today BoboBob the HoboBob brings you a show completely identical to last week's show.  Thanks a lot for that, BoboBob the HoboBob.


  • Perfect Timing by David Lee Roth
  • That weird crossed connection call, which I thought really happened, I just noticed while I was editing that she mentioned Albertsons when I never said that, so that was Britney.  What a big liar, just like when she filled out that complainy survey.  I got so tricked.
  • Crimson says you need to listen to the November 30th, 2014 Snow Plow Show because he's a huge fan of Jiad dying.
  • Joe Rogan has a cool podcast, don't you think?
  • Guilty Deter by Rob T Firefly

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I run this town.

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10 Responses

  1. KWeiner says:

    First. Luv u Brad the retarded lad.

  2. crankfan says:

    I swear you pranked MILKMAN on the “impulse buy” prank.

  3. Ben says:

    Grocery Store Complainer ideas:

    – The complaint form also gives you permission to sell their information to telemarketers or the Chinese govt.

    – Tell them that you fired the person they’re complaining about; however, that person is now suing them for getting them fired.

    – Call as the person they’re complaining about and just start profusely apologizing and crying.

    – Tell them that your calling because someone filled out a complaint form about them for being a cynical asshole / bitch.

    – Use the paper tearing effect on the complaint form.

  4. Boggy B says:

    The psychology of the complainer.

    I’m sort of thinking that it’s a win win situation for the complainer, by that I mean the complainer might get something back like a voucher or a free can of cola. Maybe it is good to complain about things no matter how small the complaint is.

  5. Boggy B says:

    (Some shopping Complaint ideas)

    Tell them that if they want to forward the complaint it will be a small fee to pay and if they refuse tell them that they must pay the fee.

    Tell them that Anna Frost will be phoning them up later to discuss the complaint and Anna frost takes no bullshit. Start saying bad things about Anna Frost like she loves the dick, (etc).

    Tell them that the cashier he or she was complaining about said that you looked her up.

    Tell them that the person he or she is complaining about wears a diaper and has no control over his or her behavoir.

    Tell them that you are annoyed because when they sent the complaint over the computer they sent a lot of copies to them.

  6. Apocalypse says:

    You are welcome for the illegal photo RB! Just doing my sno plo duty

  7. BoboBob says:

    Thank you, Roy Hoo, for my wonderful tribute show! You are the Donald Trump of Prank Calling, an absolute artist, a telephonic Banksy. Love you!

  8. You should tell a complainer that you’ll resolve the complaint “as soon as they bring back or pay for the bag of Dorito’s they stole” and keep saying that the video doesn’t lie. Say “Wow, really ballsy of you to complain online when you’re a shoplifter.”

    Can you do an echo effect? When someone gets uppity, say you are gonna go on the store intercom to tell everyone that “(name) is a stupid hobo”. Keep threatening it and then hit that echo effect.

  9. Voice Guy says:

    Throw those complainers in the DPRK for a year and they’ll never complain about anything ever again.

    That’s not a threat; they’ll come back safe and sound, but with a better understanding of what is acceptable to complain about.

  10. Ipokesmot says:

    Tonight on SNL they did a sketch about gloryholes.. we should sue.
    Also what’s the update on the TNI,

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