Gravitational Spacetime Nipples

Gizmo sponsors today's show where we call up shoe customers and tell them they're suspects in murder investigations.

  • Perfect Day on PS4
  • As I'm editing this, I just realized that I was calling that Facebook business the FUZZY cleaners, when I should have been saying the FUSSY cleaners.  God I'm dum.
  • Buttplug City by Rappy McRapperson
  • Dogs Are Weird by Emergency Pizza Party


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I run this town.

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8 Responses

  1. person says:

    2 shows within 2 days of each other? Brad this makes me want to give you blowjobs and many rusty trombones.

  2. Ipokesmot says:

    You forgot to edit out Payless @ 43 mins.. oops fuck.

  3. Feel sorry4 me says:

    I was checking out an old lady today:/

  4. FijiLaw says:

    Great Show brad, BTW, Whats the name of the last song about sushi & pasta N shit? would really appreciate it, i been googling the lyrics but can’t find shit

  5. rbcp says:

    The song title is up there. UP THERE.

  6. FijiLaw says:

    Thnx Brad, owe you a BJ

  7. Mr Hunga-Dunga says:

    Hehheh…funny..hehheh…wish I could catch a show live…hehheh.

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