GPS Tracking and Water Hoarding

Jason B. sponsors today's show where we install GPS trackers on cars and we yell at Californians for wasting all the water.

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I run this town.

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11 Responses

  1. Skunky420 says:

    Thanks for the shows arrrrrr bie

  2. Ipokesmot says:

    Fucking crazy Amy lol

    It’s been two weeks since I hacked VM machine #1.. jesus step up you lazy mother fuckers.
    PS: the password is a prime number.

  3. Raymond Preston says:

    For the next show can you call flint Michigan ?

  4. Sergei says:

    Thank You Roy! Awesome show!)

  5. Dan says:

    I lost it on the sick lady screaming call. Please make a song out of great rage calls! I would help fund it just tell me what you need PLEASE!

  6. HEP!!!!!!! says:

    Hep!!! clap Hep!!

  7. Itsmethatswho:) says:

    Roy I think you mean w8 an hour and wen you realize u kant do it JOIn the rest of Us lOsErSxD lol jk asl hru lmao btw DSL imo

  8. Starts witha JendswithaN says:

    Ok igot alil emotional I’m not gunna lie wen I first herd you talk… I’m ok now but I felt … I felt errrr. I’m happy again sory sorrrrrrrrrrE Roy :'( don’t b mad at me plz:'( I feel like when U wen u talked to the couple about killin their grass

  9. Juan Vigil says:

    WOW ROY throwing them hands, bunch of TKOs in this one.

  10. Juan vigil says:

    4 looks and ruffles

  11. Juan vigil says:


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