Anti-Vaxxers Unite

Thanks for this picture, Alexander

Thanks for this picture, Alexander

Today's live YouTube streaming show is brought to you by Neon from, who is fully to blame for any audio issues that might arise in this episode.

  • Opening song is Perfect Day by Scala & Kolacny Brothers
  • The background music throughout the show is We've Been Had by The Walkmen
  • Watch my Twitch, where I occasionally stream other peoples live shows while playing dumb games.
  • Throw Your Js Up by Rappy McRapperson
  • Hack my answering machines at 206-424-8422
  • Fast and Danger by ILL Mitch

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I run this town.

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5 Responses

  1. snails says:

    ILL Mitch FTW!

    I T D O N T M A T T E R
    I F Y O U P O O R O R R I C H
    Y O U C A N P A R T Y
    W I T H I L L M I T C H
    – I L L M I T C H

  2. Ipokesmot says:

    Oh I thought anti-Vax was about people against DEC Systems. Fuck.

  3. Apocalypse says:

    You’re welcome for the apartment list btw. Gee Whiz RB! But its all good though. I don’t care about shoutouts. I just love “Tenants From Hell” calls. Glad you’re still using them. Looks like this was my 4th list you used in this show, out of 7 lists so far. When you finally run low on apartment lists, just let me know on the show and I’ll send you a bunch more. If you even read these comments

  4. J.V maybe says:

    Why kant I find a flaw on u.. I MEAN happy v day bruh :)

  5. Vigil says:

    Hey Roy my patreon Might be two weeks late cus I’m using money to get away from troubles:/ just wanted to let u know because I Know you read these comments :P add a little more words so this looks like a bigger story than anyone else’s… And I am done srry btw

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