The Salmonella Special


Chris and Sarah sponsor today's show filled with pizza customers that were submitted by listeners a really really long time ago.

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I run this town.

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18 Responses

  1. Zack Morris says:

    I masterbated twice to the show pic…. Not even ashamed about that.

  2. There’s a new snow plow show, this is a blessed day, we love you RBCP

  3. Adrian says:

    That part when you edited Cheryls voice was so fucking great.

  4. Neal says:

    Tanks!! Yer the bezt!!


  5. Steven says:

    Fuck yeah, a new show? I havent clicked yet, I’m gonna blow up some schools if this is some kind of alternative upload.

  6. DoWhutNow says:

    Hey when will a new show be posted? Oh and where’s Carlito?

  7. Chad says:

    Happy new year brad your resolution should b to blame more shit on chad

  8. Potatopotato says:

    Thanks for all the shows!
    Is the Christmas Eve (PCN) show available to listen to anywhere? I have been checking all of the various sites and feeds since I missed the live broadcast (due to being in the UK and asleep at that time) – but without success.
    Cactus Texas textus

  9. Ben says:

    You mentioned that you’re running out of ideas for packages to supporters.

    For the really high $ donators, as well as for PLA merchandise, maybe you could send them small potted cactus plants. You could put a sticker on the pot and maybe even decorate the cactus or just sign “RBCP” on it.

    Here’s a link for a cactus that Walmart is selling for $5.99 retail with ample space to autograph the pot “RBCP” or “Roy” or “Douche Canoe” or “Thanks for listening! – Brad”

    Here’s an article I found about how to ship it:

    You might even be able to find it cheaper if you buy the plant, pot and soil seperately and put them together yourself.

    The absolute most I would pay for something like this from PLA (Especially if it’s decorated) is about $15 for the plant and $5 for shipping.

    I have more ideas, but wanted to put this one here so you could see if other people would like something like this.

  10. Dan says:

    Thanks for the new show Brad, I’m sorry for complaining. I’m just pissed about all the PCN stuff….it’s not your fault. Good show man, I got real kick out of the government call.

  11. GokaiRed says:

    Does anyone know which episode Brad called a town’s postmaster after telling everyone in the town to instal wheelchair ramps? He later convinced her that the mayor hated her and wouldn’t speak to her?

  12. JJ Guy says:

    The stream’s down for me.

  13. Boggy B says:

    My old mobile phone somehow died, might not be able to leave a voicemail for sometime.

  14. Mistress Morgan says:

    I put “just married” paper on some Mormons’ back today! #GAWD

  15. Dan says:

    Me too JJ guy. It’s been down about 2 days here. I was going to try to find that call GokaiRed was asking about I’m pretty sure I remember that call.

  16. anonymous friend says:

    Looks like BigBeefBueno is down — if I would guess, I’d guess that’s why.

  17. Dan says:

    Ok its back up! @GokaiRed I found the call you were asking about..It was the April 29th show. The show title was “I Don’t think what you talkin bout” it was the last call it started 53:40 mins in. I forgot how funny that call was! That ending was epic.

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