Starbucks Red Go Cups


Reefer Badness should be sued by the Starbucks corporate office for allowing this show to happen, where I discuss the red cup controversy with Starbucks employees and customers.

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I run this town.

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6 Responses

  1. Boggy B says:

    That’s milkman’s birthday show up on the Madhouse website. Just thought I would mention just in case we forgot to listen to it while in the chat.

    Thanks Brad for a good show even though I’ve still to listen to this one. :)

  2. Gonzo says:

    I know you hate ideas but I think it would be funny if you called people and said you had the same name as them and wanted to get to know them. Or you were organising a meetup of people with their name and you had 500 people attending so far.

  3. Boggy B says:

    I’ve had a book published but I still think my grammer stinks at times so no worries Brad.

  4. Apocalypse says:

    Hey RB, how you dooin?? I got a prank idea for ya. When you call residents again, you should say you’re from the Post Office and a package of theirs came into the Post Office earlier and when you sent their package through the xray machine, you detected body parts in their package. Or a box of feces. Or an exotic snake. Or several tarantula cages. Or a package full of cash (bills marked with the FBI). Or package containing vials of cyanide. Or a kilo of blue meth. Or a carton of cigarettes belonging to John Travolta. Or a box full of copies of the Anarchist Cookbook. Or a package of ingredients that makes molotov cocktails. I don’t know if it’s worth doing but thought I’d share it. Oh btw…I have over a hundred apt complex numbers with unit numbers. Let me know if you want them! I sent you 18 numbers a week or two ago. Thanks for the show! Feel better. >:)

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