The Art of Crosswalk Larking


Here's a show that I did Friday night, immediately after The Art of Phone Larking called it quits.  Besides having a ridiculous technical issue, none of the crosswalk calls worked out and the homeowners association calls weren't a whole lot better.  Enjoy!

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I run this town.

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9 Responses

  1. Jeff Australia says:

    Hey RBCP a couple of weeks ago you asked us for ideas on a show and I suggested you call up a few Mcdonalds and tell them you are a Burger King manager and was wondering if they had any staff that could work at BK tonight. It got alot of likes on fb and it would be good if you could do these soon? Especially funny as BK are kicking Mcdonalds asses in sales atm and u could tell Mcdonalds you thought they could spare some staff as they are going out of business haha. Thanks Brad!

  2. datboi says:

    don’t get down on yourself Brad this was an awesome show

  3. thehut says:

    If im in a bad mood and I see that you have posted a new show, my day gets better!

  4. Ben says:

    I actually laughed many times during this show. Hearing the funny comments on the news article reminded me of the good ole days when we did Facebook Mobs. I miss those…

  5. Ipokesmot says:

    LOL. “Barbara Buffaloe” – Funniest same since Mildred Monday.
    The article comments are hilarious.

  6. hektik says:

    mp3 of that intro plz

  7. Jeff Australia says:

    previous comments
    awaiting moderation for 3 days fuck me!

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