Destroying Houses and Causing Bodily Harm

Thanks for this newspaper pic, Katie!

Thanks for this newspaper pic, Katie!

Today's show is sponsored by Mark E.  Mark, thanks!  I just wrote it that way so it'd look like The Funky Bunch is supporting my show.  Today we call yet even more home owners association members, and then we take a really really long break from them, I promise!

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I run this town.

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8 Responses

  1. NSAListeningDrone says:

    I think you should give that Caitlin Campbell a call, you know the idiot journalist that wrote the Columbia article. Her

  2. kingmob22 says:

    And totally take her to task for her “who plans to hurt people.” add-on. Journalism!

  3. Ruined anus says:

    Thx for fixing the site back to normal Brad, you serial federal harrasser!

  4. Ipokesmot says:

    I’m glad Trump is working hard on the case of these maniac pranksters.

    Oh if the listeners want to download old episodes from Youtube, they can use this to convert them to mp3:

    Or even better use the torrent.. GAWWWWWWD.

  5. Boggy B says:

    Interesting with how the media can sort of turn things around. The media can be very powerful in all sorts of matters, like for instance (politics like changing someone’s mind about who to vote for). (turning something good into something bad and maybe vice versa). I’ve not been too well for a long time but the pranks you guys do are very funny.

  6. Leif Ericsson says:

    The beautiful hymn is in one of my favorite shows, 2014-01-25 Bulbasaur is cooler than snorlax. I believe it’s the second phone call with the bras and the earrings. P.S. USE THE BREAKING NEWS MUSIC OR I’LL SPAM YOUR VOICEMAIL! With love, Leif Ericsson

  7. Spanky T. Monkey says:


    When are Mr. & Mrs. Spessa getting out of prison?

  8. Gonzo says:

    That chimney looks like something a hobo would have in their house

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