Crosswalk Complainers


Default Cecil sponsors today's show where we mostly call people who like to second guess city planning officials.

  • Get a bunch of malware on your computer from Gloria at

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I run this town.

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6 Responses

  1. r00t says:

    Contains links to sites hosting malware u w0t…

  2. Nope not DS. . . says:

    Another dumb shoe. I would rather have malware than listen to this.

  3. Ipokesmot says:

    @Nope ur mom’s a dumb shoe.

  4. MidgetMutil8r says:

    Put out a new show, you hairy-assed son of a used car salesman.

  5. Daryl L. on the Eastern Shore of Maryland says:

    Brad puts shows together when he wants and how he wants. It’s amazing people never appreciate the fact that he has a life outside of entertaining everyone with his podcasts. Even if he were to put together threeshows in a week, some fool would complain that two of those shows were terrible and unfunny. Thanks for all you do, and while I too anticipate your next show; I am happy to wait for when it works out best for the the man who made Cactus a household name, Roy.

  6. lxraverxl says:

    Uttttt ohhhhhh! Brad got zinged by someone who couldn’t even spell “show.” Rough times!

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