Curling and Goodwill Auctions


Servo is the sponsor of today's show, where we call Goodwill auction bidders and a few of Mistress Morgan's curling club members.

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I run this town.

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5 Responses

  1. Garsh says:

    The two purple action figures are The Maxx, an anti-hero from an old comic series adapted into an Mtv animated series in the 90s. The others all look like various Todd McFarlane characters.

  2. thomas says:

    They didn’t say there were no women in the curling club, but that he (the person you were calling) didn’t do ‘mixed’ curling – i.e. there are mixed groups and gender specific groups within the same club.

  3. Boggy B says:

    Keep the old voice mail messages Brad.

  4. Arch Angel says:

    I really love it when weird things happen with the phones. Pam never hanging up was pretty amazing! Thanks for leaving that in. *grinz*

  5. Psychaotic says:

    This could have been epic with just one minute looking up ‘curling’ on Wikipedia. It is a sport with some really odd, stodgy etiquette customs – for example, it’s considered bad form to make any noise about a good shot that a teammate makes – you’re supposed to compliment your opponents instead. And there are no ‘curling balls’, they’re called ‘stones’. The prankstars knew you were not one of them far too quickly!

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