I’ve Got My Cact-Eye On You



Default Cecil's sponsorship has resulted in us discovering an amazing retired freestyle rapper in Paradise Valley, Arizona.  In today's show we try to clean up the reputation of hidden cactus cameras and we get an update on the post office that hates cripples and blind people.


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I run this town.

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13 Responses

  1. Buster Casey says:

    rbcp hacked my webcam and watches me sleep at night. but i dont cover it up because at least i know there is someone there that cares.

  2. Markus says:

    Young Buck…! Haghaaa!

  3. Liz says:

    Amen Buster, Amen

  4. TheCount says:

    The rap killed me, so whatever time you took was worth it

  5. Andrewtheslayer11 says:

    Love that background loop!

  6. Jeff Moore says:

    The bed music was great. Have you heard the Blue Note Rare Grooves series of albums?

  7. rbcp says:

    Nope, never heard of those.

  8. Boggy B says:

    Hi Guys

    What about if we had a section on the prank call nation website where we could put our ideas onto. Like for instance someone might put an idea that would suit Dwight’s show or an idea that would suit Jiad’s show.

  9. Default Cecil says:

    Yay, I’m a show sponsor! I can die happy now.

  10. Roy, you rock.

    A few years ago, someone had one of your calls on YouTube and it’s gone and it’s one of my favorites. You and a pal intercepted calls to a K-Mart and pissed off some lady so much she had her family call.

    Then, when the lady was talking to the store manager/security guy/whatever, you broke in again and hilarity ensued.

    If you could repost this call, great. If not, understood – but it is one of my favorites and I’ve been lurking & listening since the BBS days.

    Thanks and keep up the awesome work.

  11. rbcp says:

    Dan, I don’t remember that call. It was probably Wal-Mart since we never intercepted K-Mart calls. Maybe it’s on the http://www.phonelosers.com/walmart page. If it’s not there, you might try finding it in the PLA torrent at http://www.phonelosers.com/torrent

  12. The Pizza says:

    I have been saving numbers for a couple months now and want to know how can I get the numbers to RBCP? Should I just send an email?

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