Radio Phone Mobs and American Dick Tickler Calls

This picture was sent in by Noah.

This picture was sent in by Noah.

Rick Bollinger is fully responsible for bring back radio phone mobs for the first time this decade!  Except that's a huge lie, it's really knkaku's fault.  Thanks, both of you!

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7 Responses

  1. Boggy B says:

    Ideas for apartment calls.

    Say you are schedualed to do some painting in someones apartment and also you are going to install a folly.

    Say you are a tenant and are fed up because there is no cell reception. the cell reception is crap.

    Say you have just completed a job and have to send the bill to the landlord.

    Ask if it’s okay to have a premiun phone line installed in your apartment so when someone calls you can get money.

    Phone up landlords just to say your apartments are doing well. Say you are going call every hour.

  2. Vinny says:

    The guy doing most of the talking has a really annoying voice lawl

  3. Vinny says:

    In the first radio show

  4. FOD87 says:

    “Hey listen dipshit, dont call me at my house and call me a motherfucker”
    “I’m just angry because you told me to drink cum”

    The best interactions with an angry ADT customer ever!

  5. Argus Faux says:

    Hey, rbcp! The city of Leesburg, Florida has two auction shows every weekday, at 8am EST but also 11am EST, each one running one hour. The station is and the station does call-in shows all day.

  6. zoe says:

    that theme was kinda bad x_x

  7. Dennis says:

    So I read Argus’ comment above and decided to do a test call this morning. Between the two auction shows, there is a 2-hour long Buy/Sell/Trade show called Party Line from 9am to 11am EST hosted by a guy named Taylor. I called in and basically there’s no screening, they just pick up and put you on the air to say whatever. And there were barely any commercial breaks like that station during the phone mob. There were even points where the host was pretty much begging people to call in. I think it would be perfect to mob.

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