Obscene Bank Phone Caller

PLA Stencil by Alex Zakucia

PLA Stencil by Alex Zakucia

Neonlikebjork couldn't be bothered to listen to the few live calls that I did on Prank Call Nation this morning, but she's the sponsor anyway.

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I run this town.

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7 Responses

  1. macksum says:

    Please do a double LP Brad, two different vinyls. Keep looking around, you can find a good deal. Make your own stickers to go on the vinyls and own sleeves. just have blank records pressed. Please!

  2. ArchAngel says:

    Can I make a song request? (Wait, does that even make sense, asking permission to make a request? O_o;; ) Here’s an old song about wiretapping fones that’s pretty entertaining for like, a single play:

  3. GuyManderson says:

    Lol you used my “bring your daughter to work day” idea from the last show. Especially after her through explanation of her situation hahaha

  4. Boggy B says:

    Hi Guys

    I’m having a bit of trouble with the register process in relation to the PCN chat, I’m not too sure where you type this message. (/msg nickserv register [ENTER]) I click onto
    (Click one of the buttons below to start chatting in IRC.) then it says nickname and the other box says password, where do you type this message? (/msg nickserv register [ENTER])

    And also I stink with technology, I don’t even know how you work twitter properly. (lol)

    (Many thanks ahead).

  5. Guy Manderson says:

    Sign in as a guest then type that into the chat itself. However I’m not sure they’re taking any new people in the chat right now. Roy might know more but as far as I know, its hard to get in there right now.

  6. Ipokesmot says:

    yeah these gayass fucking faggot haircuts with hipster glasses have to stop.

  7. Boggy B says:

    Thanks Guy Manderson, will give that a go to see if it works.

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