Serial Dinger

Thanks for the water bottle picture, Kyler!

Thanks for the water bottle picture, Kyler!

Today's episode of serial dinging is brought to you by Mail Chimp and Meddle.  But mostly Meddle.  Fuck those mail chimp assholes.  In this episode we catch up with some elusive holiday portrait customers and then attempt some new ding calls.

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I run this town.

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7 Responses

  1. Lololol says:

    I LOVE THIS INTRO!!! MADE ME LAUGH!!!! <3 radiolab

  2. Ben (perth) says:

    woohoo i made it on a show lol yeah we celebrate new years and chrissy here but its soo damn hot at the moment i dont want to do anything. how ever i shall keep an ear out to see if there is a surprise show tonight so i can ring in the new year with your guys

  3. Zappy says:

    Yeah, no, if you’re going to do the “I stood on your car” thing, try something else. Tell them you were chased up there by a dog, or better yet, a cat.

  4. Remag says:

    Hey,thanks for showing me how everything is set up, and the YouTube channel I just subscribed to, but the link you have was being a stupid, so I fixed it in case others get the error too:

  5. Ben (Not Perth) says:

    RIP: Bomb and Stacy. Your romance captivated us all!

  6. F u brad cartr!!!!!!!!!!1

  7. Zappy says:

    …Oh, and after you tell them you were chased on top of the car by a dog (or cat), tell them you tried to urinate (or defecate) on the animal to make them go away…

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