Rapping On The Mic To Tell The World I’m A Loser

Thanks for making us a delicious PLA cake, Heisenberg!

Thanks for making us a delicious PLA cake, Heisenberg!

Rhapsodyman2000 is responsible for yet another show where I'm just rehashing the whole car ding idea again.  Thanks, Rhapsodyman2000!


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I run this town.

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6 Responses

  1. Andrewtheslayer11 says:

    What does the cake say, I cant read cursive

  2. Ben says:


    – You are a Muslim and it was time for to lay your mat down and praise Ala. you had to do that on the hood of their car because the parking lot was to dangerous.

    – You were skydiving and you missed your intended landing spot and you ended up on their car.

    – When they pulled in to park, they ran over a squirrels tail and it was stuck. So you dented the car by trying to pick it up off the squirrel so it.

    You were proposing to your gay lover near their car. They said no. So you got mad and punched their car.

  3. Boggy B says:

    Here’s some ideas.

    What about you dropped your dental equipment into their car so you had to break in and get your equipment, because you are a dentist.

    You are a telemarket guy so you tried to break in to give them some papers about a cool wireless internet package.

    There was a smelly doggy in the car so you had to let the dog out because you knew the dog did not belong there but when you were doing that you damaged the car door.

    You caught your wife installing a GPS tracker into the car.

  4. Gonzo says:

    – They cut you up you followed them and gave the car a kick when they left

    – Someone dinged you and to make things even in your head you had to ding someone else

    – You thought the driver was hot and you left a card as a clever ploy to get them to talk to you

  5. Gonzo says:

    I think the time traveller voicemails are hilarious

  6. rbcp says:

    Yeah those voicemails are great. He actually got Olga and Gloria to do those voices for him.

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