November 12th – Custom Cakes

Flutterpie's home phone number is 911-911-1738.  Please inform him of any complaints about today's show.  This show has been a Roy Brad Carter Production (tm).

  • They're Coming to Take me Away by the Napoleon XIV
  • Join the GTA V crew
  • Sheep Go To Heaven by Cake

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I run this town.

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11 Responses

  1. T says:

    Red Blood Cell & Plasma?

  2. SilverWav98 says:

    the domino guy has your voice brad.

  3. delysid says:

    Cake lady needs to update her technology!

  4. Boggy B says:

    I’m having a bit of trouble trying to find the request a prank on the new website. I loved the long message cake idea.

  5. TheDaJakester says:

    Is that actually Flutterpie’s phone number?

  6. TheDaJakester says:

    Wait, never mind, had a brain fart…

  7. gabopump says:

    Share the video faggot

  8. Jolanta says:

    You should get a cake made that says:

    Carolyn, you stupid fucking whore, I know you’ve been cheating on me. It’s over. We’re through. Don’t bother coming home tonight.

    PS I fucked your sister

  9. ArchAngel says:

    Boggy B, you can find it under “Other Things”, ” Podcasts”, “Snow Plow Show”, and then click on the ” Request a Prank” graphic. Or, here:

  10. George says:

    I haven’t heard that Cake song in a looong tiem.

  11. Boggy B says:

    Thanks ArchAngel, That’s me getting more used to the new website.

    When I first listened to the domino pizza guy I thought that he sounds like Brad as Silverway98 was saying. His voice sounded exactly like Brads.

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