Snow Plow Show – September 9th, 2014 – Ancient Tunnels and Alien Caves

David Giesbrecht is probably the only person that will ever buy Robitussin's t-shirt

Here's a new Tenants From Hell episode, featuring lots of underground antics. The live show was 2 hours long.  The podcast is much shorter.  If you like the shirt you see above, visit PLA's Spreadshirt store and get it.

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I run this town.

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26 Responses

  1. Boggy B says:

    I wonder if you found any gold or stock certificates. (lol)

  2. TheDaJakester says:


  3. rbcp says:

    Wow, TheDaJakester! How are you so cool?

  4. TheDaJakester says:

    Well, I just am! I only am the coolest because fact.

  5. rbcp says:

    I completely support you! AMa-zing!

  6. TheDaJakester says:

    Are you feeling okay?

  7. rbcp says:

    Actualy, noo. I feel amneshiaic I think I’ll forget that this ever happened…

  8. rbcp says:

    Hey! Impostor! I didn’t post that!

  9. rbcp says:

    Who could have clever done this? Hmmm…

  10. TheDaJakester says:

    Are you suggesting that I could have done this?

  11. rbcp says:

    Oh no, TheDaJakester, it could never have been you! You’re too cool! It was either Boggy B, or JagTV!

  12. TheDaJakester says:

    Investigate it, fine sir!

  13. TheDaJakester says:

    Will, do, TheDaJakester! I was stop at no .tk’s! No .gov’s! And no 412-‘s!

  14. TheDaJakester says:

    Enjoy yourself, sir, while I move to Africa, for unknown reasons.

  15. rbcp says:

    Opps… Well, off to Africa!

  16. TheDaJakester says:

    Nice try, “TheDaJakester…” Or should I say- RBCP!

  17. Africa will be nice…

  18. rbcp says:

    Oh, crap! Quick, *57!

  19. TheDaJakester says:

    I can’t afford to call RBCP’s voicemail, can you tell?

  20. TheDaJakester says:

    Also, says nothing about moderation, now…

  21. TheDaJakester says:

    What is this? I go into the latest post, and see my name slandered, and made fun of?
    Is this what happens when you submit a number? RBCP does this???

  22. Boggy B says:

    I enjoyed this show, it got me laughing.

    I’ve got a feeling that Roy might be thinking of selling all the furniture in the apartment, I would love that idea if you were to phone and say your furniture has been sold on e-bay, so you can pay your rent.

    (Just like the copper pipes that Stacy sold)

  23. George says:

    Yes. Funny show. Thank you.

  24. JungleWeed says:

    Love the 1+ hour shows. Keep it up. Way better that those small 30min shows where u get nothing done :D

  25. TheDaJakester says:


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