Snow Plow Show – September 30th, 2014 – Hobo Recycling

Here's an hour of hoboness brought to you by Gizmo, where we prank call Petcos and trick them into killing all their kittens and puppies. We also call a few rich residents about their bad recycling habits.


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I run this town.

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13 Responses

  1. Shaun Porter says:

    I just bought your book. Hope it is as funny as this show was. Yes I am easily amused.

  2. TheDaJakester says:

    Fucking Gizmo…

  3. Kuraz says:

    Why do those jerks use abs to 3dprint? You should tell them to switch to pla!

  4. rbcp says:

    PLA and Naquadah.

  5. Boggy B says:

    I liked that with the last show you used reverse psychology by telling people not to hang up so it had the complete opposite happen, think about how you can use that psychology with future pranks.

    Good show

    I’ve not bought Brad’s book yet but I dare say it would be not a bad read. I’ve been selling my books on amazon but they are not anything to do with prank calls or pranks.

    I’ve got a question is there any good books on the psychology of pranks or prank calls, I think that would be a good read, I guess it could be something I could write about for a future e-book.

  6. Boggy B says:

    Oops it to read (By telling people to hang up) Sorry about that mistake.

  7. rbcp says:

    You should read Kevin Mitnick’s book Ghost In The Wire. Not exactly pranks, but he pulled off some amazing stuff.

  8. Bob Runder says:

    Hey Brad, Pick at least one from the bottom four choices.

    Choice 1

    UPS Store 3D imaging idea: You’re afraid of your wife cheating on you while you’re on a “corporate sebaticle.” You want the UPS store to do a 3D image of your erect penis for your wife to use while you’re away. When they refuse and your wife cheats on you while your away; logically, it’s the UPS stores fault.

    Choice 2

    Even if you like the above idea, you’ll forget about it and move on with ripping roofs off people’s houses and tearing up their mail.

    Choice 3

    You’ll release the new telephone falls!

    Choice 4

    You’ll fix your software/hardware to be able to accept incoming calls.

  9. Laitham says:

    Those PLA logos you put into the show notes make the best iPad lock screen. Thanks.

  10. Daryl L. says:

    PLEASE read the latest Amazon review for How to Lost Weight the Patterson Way. I think its time to mob another Amazon book.

  11. liz says:

    The ripping up the money was fucking brilliant! 10..20..100… :D

  12. George says:

    I love the 3D printing calls!

  13. TheVirus says:

    Sooooooooo Coldddddddddddddddd……………

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