Snow Plow Show – July 30th, 2014 – O Face

Thanks for this spooky-ass dinosaur phone picture, Devan!

Here's a brand new live show, sponsored by Richard B. in Ohio.  If you missed this show live, then be thankful because the first 30 minutes were super boring and I removed it all.  It's Richard's fault how much it sucked.  But he makes up for it later in the show.  Thanks, Richard.


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4 Responses

  1. I would play that family guy game but I got bored of it….

  2. Bob Runder says:

    O face from office space is when they’re talking to the blond spikes hair guy and he starts talking about layin it to a girl later on.

  3. Guy Manderson says:

    You need to call Tanisha back at some point and say you got busted for selling her drugs and she needs to come bail you out. Cause she’s an accessory and you’ll drop a dime on her if she doesn’t. That’d be HILARIOUS!

  4. Where are the boring 30 minutes? Unless I am mistaken, you did a gym call. :p

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