Snow Plow Show – July 16th, 2014 – Comcastic

You're a bad person for wearing a captive cactus around your neck, Ashley.

Today's show is sponsored by Ben Kilburn, may God have mercy on his soul.  In this show, we talk a little about this past week's wacky incident with Comcast's retention department.


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6 Responses

  1. Guy Manderson says:

    I’m glad you saw the article about the comcast thing, Arbie. I figured you’d find it interesting. Especially since it was recorded.

  2. Guy Manderson says:


    I’m sorry my voicemails are so shitty. And inaudible. The two I’ve left so far were both left at 3 am or so when I’m tired and/or baked. So my apologies. The next one will be better, promise.

    And the punchline was Bell-Atlanprick. But I appreciate the rimshots anyway haha.

  3. rbcp says:

    I played that one about 20 times trying to understand it. It’s not your fault, it’s your Metro PCS phone!

  4. Guy Manderson says:

    Haha yeaaa it wasn’t very funny anyway. And this is also true. Next time ill just call from my land line.

  5. carlos duarte says:

    this has been one of the best shows so far. extremely fucking funny. if I wasn’t so poor, I would consider patreon. maybe I’ll kick you some paypal soonish. thanks, brad!

  6. Daryl L. says:

    One of the best shows of the year! Thanks as always Mr. Carter

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