Stupid PLA Rubber Bracelets

What's that?  You say you wish you could wear one of those douchey rubber bracelets around all the time, only instead of the bracelet saying "I <3 BOOBIES" it says "Phone Losers of America?"  Well are you in luck then!

This picture shows two sizes of bracelets - medium and large.  Which one you choose reflects what type of female genitalia you prefer.  My sexy hairy arms are not included with your purchase.

Click here to buy a bracelet.

And if you're into wasting all your money on PLA crap, then you should look at PLA's store and the new t-shirts on PLA's spreadshirt.  The money you spend helps more crack and meth for me.  And more crack and meth means more shows and other fun PLA things.  So support PLA today!



I run this town.

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4 Responses

  1. Triston says:

    I’ll take one of everything

  2. DS? says:

    You created something worse than the girly pencils, congratulations!

  3. Adam Schecter says:

    Why are you not streaming on mixlr any more (phone losers account)?

  4. rbcp says:

    Adam, mainly because the Mixlr broadcasting program ate up quite a bit of memory and processor on my computer all day. Also, I couldn’t play any videos or sounds on the computer because they would go out on the Mixlr and because every time I turned up the volume it was playing old PLA stuff. So basically I need to get an old computer to use as a dedicated Mixlr streaming machine, then I’ll start it back up again.

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