Snow Plow Show – June 10th, 2014 – 500th Customer

Thanks, PowerOfGamers, for this picture.

This song is sponsored by The Great Ben Kilburn.  All failures in today show are brought to you by Ben Kilburn.  And boy are there failures!

  • Psychos on the Street by Flash and the Pan
  • Welcome to the BotNet by TheN
  • How could Nick possibly not remember my voice from the call I did to him just 5 minutes earlier?/?
  • MUSIC: They Won't Get Me by Roger Miller, What's Up by He Man, There She Goes by Lalalalalalalala.
  • Robert at Starbucks never tweeted about his amazing contest winning experience there.
  • Leave a voicemail for me - 814-422-5309
  • Wax Audio - Stayin' In Black

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I run this town.

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  1. I really like your show. I hope i can be just like you when i grow up!

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