Snow Plow Show – March 8th, 2014 – Roy’s Athletic Club


Brad & Fake ZZ Top. This has nothing to do with this show.

Here's a 3 hour Saturday night show which was so bad that the edited version is only an hour long.  The edit isn't too terrible, though!

  • What Asterisk softphone software should I use?  What's the best ever?  I'll even pay for it if it doesn't suck.  Let me know in the comments.
  • Bonecage is releasing a new album on April 1st! Go preorder it at for songs that feature RBCP being creepy!  (I cut a giant chunk of middle of the song out - it's not really that short.)
  • Listen to JagTV! 
  • The two tiny bits of songs that I chopped out of the show for copyright reasons were Silly Really by Per Gessle and a cover of Lorde's Team by Scott Bradlee
  • Carlito will be doing a morning show on Monday morning around 9am or 10am Pacific.  Hopefully.  Listen to it at 
  • The ending song is No Más Mermaids by Bonecage.

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I run this town.

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  1. xyzqwa says:

    Looks like Ryan Scott’s badass of a father to me ratheer than ZZ Top.

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