Snow Plow Show – March 12th, 2014 – Frisbee Display

We luv Todd

Here's the Wednesday Wacky Morning show for this week, where we call a bunch of gym customers and Yelp checkins.  This show is sponsored by Big Danny.  Thanks, Big Danny! kthxbyeclangggg...

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I run this town.

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7 Responses

  1. T0astMan says:

    Fffuuuccckk yaaaaaaaah

  2. justin says:

    Great show Brad! Best one in a while.

  3. Moope says:

    Aw yeah

  4. koolaroo says:

    Aw man the automated part killed me.

  5. Maxxwell says:

    Thanks for the b-day shutout Brad!

  6. rbcp says:

    Anything for you, Maxxwell!

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