Snow Plow Show – July 27th, 2013 – Yo Holmes to Bel-Air

This show got off to a slow start because none of the Twitter complainers were picking up except for a couple of them that weren't funny.  You might notice some references to things that were cut out.  I removed nearly all of the Twitter complaining stuff so you don't have to listen to an hour of fail.  The guitar solo at around 6 minutes indicates the first hour of the show that I cut out.  More than THREE HOURS was cut from the live show for the podcast feed.  There was a lot of people not answering and a lot of music, so you're not missing much.

  • Don't you love Kevin's play-by-play of our phone call to his woman?  Wonder if he does that on all his phone calls.
  • The number that I'm asking people to decode - I cut off the last 4 digits, so try not to be confused that it's only 6 digits
  • MUSIC: Stronger by some DJ guy named Tanner
  • RIP, Kid Kraddick
  • Stupid DirtyAaron didn't do a show tonight.  Go listen to his archives instead.
  • Lots of touch tone decoding happens in this show
  • What the hell is permanent carpet??
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  • MUSIC: Mr. Roboto by Styx


I run this town.

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5 Responses

  1. Xyzqwa says:

    Great show, the end at least.

  2. I was losing it with the amazing robot sound effects, and the fact that you reacted to being attacked with “Oh, crap! Crap, crap!!” Gotta love Antonio.

  3. Strelnikov says:

    Permanent carpet is what it sounds like; the wall-to-wall carpet held to the floor by hidden tack strips.

  4. DumbPhone says:

    Where can I find that cover of “Stronger”?

  5. rbcp says:

    Email me at [email protected] for it and I’ll send it to you.

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