Lady pays $200 for a fake iPad, then gets a prank call from me!

Last week this lady was all over the news for being dumb enough to pay $200 for a sealed FedEx box that some guy at a gas station claimed had an iPad inside of it. Then, when she found out it was just a mirror and duct tape, she went crying to the news, hoping that the public would have sympathy for her because she got ripped off while attempting to buy stolen merchandise. The video above contains a phone call I made to the lady, where I pretended to be Apple and offered her a free iPad. Of course, a lady dumb enough to buy a FedEx box full of trash is also dumb enough to hand over all her private information to a guy on the phone.

In other recent news, a pizza delivery man in Des Moines, Iowa was upset that a lady didn't tip her, so he peed on her door. And I just happened to do a followup on this story with prank calls too. You can blame Dark Stranger for both of these videos since she's the one that suggested I call these people.

Lastly, here's a series of phone calls we made earlier this year where we became obsessed with Starbucks employee numbers and what could be done with them. Listen in horror as Starbucks employees give us absolutely anything we ask for!

Yes, I know my YouTube stuff on this site is getting out of hand. No, I won't stop. Go watch all the other stuff I've been obsessively posting for the past few months!


I run this town.

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5 Responses

  1. mr. mike says:

    At first I thought you were picking on Ms. iPadscam, but she became so nasty I think you should use her bank account to get her a bunch of weird magazine subscriptions, or the jam of the month club, or some other mailed item that will cost her money.

  2. Johnny says:

    You are awesome! Love the site!
    Life is tuff & today has been the first time I have laughed in a long time. Thank you & plz keep it up!

  3. DOS says:

    Pure gold!

  4. jonathan says:

    dude u r fucking funny as hell funnies person in the world

  5. Riley says:

    This was around when I first found the pla and stuff. RBCP, Brad, you are still like, the greatest person in existence. When I called I didn’t think you would actually play my voicemail, so its fun relistening to this. I even used this to convince my foolish friends I am friends with a major celebrity like you. Still a huge fan of everything you do.


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