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Last week I went on a rampage against paper, throwing old documents away and offering you people a chance to take some of them for free. Today I've scanned in a bunch of these old PLA things and I've put them up on an archive page. You can visit to browse the archive, or choose from a few of the options below.

Thanks, Laugh Track Matt, for convincing me that I should archive this stuff. More things will be added as I find them. All of these scanned documents are now sitting in a pile, waiting to be stuffed into random PLA Store orders. If you'd like to own a specific document, PayPal $1.00 for shipping to [email protected] and let me know what you'd like me to send you.

I also scanned in other documents that were more personal, but some are loosely related to the PLA or weird phone things, such as this letter where I reconnected a girl's disconnected phone service. You can browse those documents at


I run this town.

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  1. Mister Skin says:

    I just recently purchased a PLA shirt from Brad and he included some very awesome old school photographs of people, places and things he has written about in the past. THIS IS FUCKING PLA GOLD! And I even got a few buttons: one had a cactus on it! This is a historical motherfucking treasure trove, mark my goddamn words….

  2. Legion303 says:

    Send whatever you scan to the Archive Team. They are preserving internets history.

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