The Phone Show 12/13/2011 Episode & Rappy McRapperson Album Release Party!

Every once in awhile, I post a Phone Show episode to the PLA feed, just to remind you people who dearly miss PLA Radio why I hate baby Jesus.

But my secret ulterior motive for posting this today is to tell everyone that Rappy McRapperson is having his album release party on Cacti Radio this Saturday! At 7:00pm Pacific / 10:00pm Eastern, Rappy will join RBCP for a 2 hour live interview as we play his new album, Live at the Amway Arena. We'll be talking about Rappy's new album, taking your phone calls, and maybe even making some prank calls. You can preorder an autographed physical CD at or you can just steal the album from the internet when it comes out on Saturday.

Below are the show notes from this week's Phone Show. Listen and read along!

Click here to listen to the show!

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  1. coolrob says:

    Love the 2001!

  2. rbcp says:

    I just fixed it so your comment sucks now!

  3. Chris says:

    YAY! no prob brad, glad my pic is used

  4. HOW THE FUCK says:


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