PLA Radio Episode #26 – Hotel Intercepts and A Phone Mob

Here's a new episode of PLA Radio, just in time for Christmas! In this episode we listen to a few more hotel phone calls, a phone mob and announce Cacti Radio. Show notes are below...

00:00 The new phone book's here!
00:45 Intro
01:30 Pumpkin contest winners - Congrats Handler and Matt!
02:00 Hotel intercept phone calls - Telephreak - i-hacked
08:23 Radio auction phone mob
14:00 Cacti Radio
14:04 Read the Manic Radio story.
14:04 Listen to the Manic Radio episode that was broadcast on 11/10/2009.
14:23 Ask Mr. Biggs, PaulDotCom, Security Justice, Nate and Di.
14:48 Black Hat Life
15:57 Leave a voicemail at 505-796-4020 or on Skype. Email radio AT
16:18 Earthbound - Da Black Market OC ReMix

If you listen to this episode of PLA Radio, be sure and watch the accompanying video below! It has footage of us pranking the hotel at Defcon, a 5 minute clip of the PLA forum members sitting around a table in a conference room while making the calls to the radio station auction and some clips of me recording this episode of PLA Radio. Plus an awesome surprise at the end!



I run this town.

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7 Responses

  1. Some person says:

    awesome video!

  2. MIB says:

    Hot damn, that radio auction host got pretty pissed after five bids on the cactus.

  3. Everyday Noob says:

    Nice surprise at the end of the vid, but was it legal?

  4. Dave says:

    That was an amazing video

  5. spu says:

    The video took a long time to load, but it was worth the wait!

  6. Gina says:

    Jerk, i was trying to see the video for like 10 mins! Really funny radio show tho.

  7. dirk says:

    new episode! now i can fall asleep to the gentle caress of your sweet voice dishing out abuse to strangers, i love you, brad carter

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