The Phone Show moves again


The Phone Show lasted only a single night on Manic Radio last week, then RBCP was "fired" 2 days later. Manic Radio didn't appreciate our hilarious material at all and you can read a little about all that here. So this time, instead of moving to a new station, despite offers from klulz and Radio Xenu (thanks, guys!), we're just going to set up our own streaming server which will feature nonstop PLA material 24 hours a day. Take a listen at the links below!

WinampWindows Media PlayeriTunesRealPlayer (snicker)

Several people on the PLA Forums have expressed interest in doing their own shows on our station, so keep an eye on it for new shows and material soon. We'll be setting up a page or a domain for the station once we figure out what the hell to call it. This week The Phone Show will be on at 9pm Pacific, Tuesday night, on the new station. Join us on efnet's #phonelosers by going to our new chat room page at during the show. Unlike Manic Radio's chat, you're much less likely to be kicked out for being clever or funny.


I run this town.

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4 Responses

  1. Shadow148 says:

    You guys still going to post the episode from last Tuesday? I’ve been waiting on that one, heh.
    Anyway, 24 HOUR PLA FEED, WOO.

  2. tecknicaltom says:

    awesome having a full-time stream of PLA stuff. Can’t wait for more new content!

  3. Skunkworks says:

    I’d almost take up Radio Xenu’s offer, and still have your own stream too.

    Then you can get more exposure and still have the leetness of your own stream.

  4. Dialup Dork says:

    PLA is awesome and I’ve been downloading/listening to stuff for like, 5 years now.
    Is there any chance there could be a 24 or 32 kbps feed for those of us who still use 56K modems for online access?
    Thanks for considering!

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