Sorry, Mario…

Some guy named Casey tweeted this picture to us. Not sure if he made it, but thanks Casey! Speaking of Twitter, you should all be following the PLA on Twitter. Links to it all is over there in the side bar.

In other news, a new video was released on PLA's YouTube account, and promptly removed for TOS. So now it's on our PhotoBucket account. Let's see how long it lasts there. This video is based on the old PLA issue about 7-Eleven. View it below:

AND ONE LAST THING - The Phone Show didn't happen tonight because of some server issues over at Party 934, but we should be back next week with a new show and to take your calls on the air. I did finally update the Phone Show's RSS feed with last week's show, though, so check your iTunes or go visit The Phone Show's page to listen to the latest shows.


I run this town.

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2 Responses

  1. Krey says:

    Five years ago I thought this stuff was hilarious, but now I can only think about those poor employees. It’s one thing when a person deserves it, but this is just harassment. That girl’s whole day was just ruined. :(

  2. Alexander says:

    Fuck her day. She’s not even mopping it up. It was all massively funny, except for maybe the condom thing. Accidental pregnancies aren’t very funny.

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