PrankNET is out of control!

broken hotel windows

Earlier this month there was a lot of mainstream media coverage (The Smoking Gun, NBC, The Cabin, MSNBC, KOAT and most importantly, FARK) of what appears to be another PrankNet prank call to a hotel, just like we wrote about earlier this year. Only this time the pranksters convinced the hotel front desk clerk to pull the fire alarm, set off sprinklers and bust out all the windows in the lobby. Damages are estimated at $50,000.

broken hotel windows

Pulling fire alarms, setting off sprinklers and breaking windows are all popular activities with the people who run PrankNet. I sat in on one of their nightly prank call shows a few weeks ago and heard nothing but pranks to hotels, most of them involving sprinklers going off in guests' faces while on the phone, making me laugh hysterically while feeling guilty for laughing hysterically.

This recent followup article from interviews a Tennessee woman who claims to know the true identity of Dex, who is the man behind a lot of the calls on PrankNET. She admits to being a former fan of Dex, but doesn't like the harmful pranks that they're pulling these days. Within a day of this article, PrankNET posted a prank call which is apparently by the same woman doing the same kind of prank call.

Also this month, another fast food restaurant was hit by a prank call similar to PrankNET's KFC prank from earlier this year. Police arrived to find male employees standing outside in nothing but their underwear after setting off the kitchen's fire suppression system inside. The employees had also broken out all of the restaurant's windows to help ventilate the building. You can read more about that story at

Visit the PLA Forums to discuss the Whataburger prank, the hotel pranks, and other PrankNET pranks.

Automated prank calls, own your friends


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31 Responses

  1. Mr. Anderson says:

    As far as I can tell, PrankNET has put a stop to the really destructive prank calls.

    In one of the last shows that I listened to, Dex said that he banned some guy who was becoming notorious for making hotels activate their sprinklers, and that he wasn’t going to do any more.

    When I asked why, he got defensive and said, “Well, why should we? It’s not like you’re going to do any?”

    I think the pressure may be getting to him…

  2. Mr.Patel says:

    Dexs real name is tarik malike,he’s a little paki runt from canada,see for yourself.

  3. Dr. Phil says:

    July 12, update: Dex has announced the end of breaking stuff. Early this morning he gave DTA_mike a serious repermand for DTA_mike calling a lady and having her break stuff at a hotel. I have also noticed that his youtube videos have been decreasing in number as he must be taking the break stuff pranks off. I have also noticed that the his web page welcome page is down. I think behind the scenes he has been contacted by law enforcement and he is trying to “reel himself back in”. He also did this after the famous KFC prank call that got Pranks Inc. kicked off of Paltalk. It is also common knowledge that recently a fellow prank caller named Jeri Batsford from Knoxville Tennessee AKA JericoNtn, has gone to the authorities and gave them information on Dex. This has been additional “heat” directed at PrankNET.

    As Dex has been recently been cyberbegging for money to buy Marijuana and a computer microphone, my guess is that he has no job or college to attend and that his prankNET prank/chat room has been the focus of his life. With that said, it appears that the days of breaking stuff is over so that he can save what he has invested so much time and energy into. As much as I have enjoyed listening to stuff get broken on the crazy PrankNET calls, I also would agree with Dex that it is wise to end the hotel damage calls. There is no doubt in my mind that an agency like the FBI or The Department of Homeland Security could track down Dex if personal property on American soil continues to get destroyed through his actions.

  4. h2dude69 says:

    @Mr. Patel

    I’m assuming you’re Indian and so you hate Dex cuz he’s Paki.

    You Indians nd Pakis are like cats and dogs.

  5. Cameron says:

    Dr. Phil: You’re spot on with your assumptions about the Dex character having no job & that the Pranknet site & chat room is the focus of his life. Investigations by the website The Smoking Gun have uncovered his identity & ID’d his accomplices, also.


    Nice – I hope you morons are real proud of yourself following a bunch of felons. great group of guys. i especially love how he hid in his 10×12 room with his 51 year old mommy

  7. will says:

    wow, way to go all self righteous. douche.

    a lot of what they did was funny, but they went too far and were way too cocky. if they had kept the damage to a minimum, and hadn’t been so certain in their anonymity, they wouldn’t have brought this heat upon themselves — so for that, they’re stupid, yes.

    but to come in after the fact, after the TSG article and call people “morons” for listening to prank calls — while on a PLA site, is cowardly and ironic.

    Sure, the PLA stuff never gained the notoriety or caused people too much harm or stress, but don’t pretend that you’ve never noodled around on the phone or laughed at some of the more egregious online pranks from others.

  8. Chris says:

    From what I’ve been reading in the Smoking Gun those Pranknet perverts (now they are revealed to be child molestors, one as young as Five, no that is not a typo, Five year old girl raped while in church) are just about ready to go down. With what they are doing they are looking at several years and Tens of Thousands of dollars in fines and restitution. They are being called an organized crime outfit. That’s Ricco folks, that’s hard federal time.

    Bye Bye Pranknet.

  9. GenzelDotCa says:

    Haha, I’ve been calling Dex’s house on a nightly basis and for some odd reason noone will answer the phone. Imagine that. A pranker not having a sense of humor about getting pranked.

    Dex is a pussy and a coward and his pranks could be that much funnier and entertianing if his intentions weren’t to make himself feel better for being a loser in life.


  10. dave says:

    fuck the destructive pranks

    prank calls are supposed to be stupid and fun live prank call radio
    every friday 9pm est..

  11. Chuck U. Farley says:

    Pranknet = a bunch of pussy coward child molesters who hide behind their telephones and/or keyboards because they have no lives whatsoever. It’s funny how this pathetic paki shithead is cowering and hiding from the Smoking Gun, who nailed his sorry, ugly ass. I hope they all do jail time, then maybe they can “prank” the other prisoners while they’re getting butt raped.

  12. Tim says:

    The problem with dex is that he has some serious mental issues for starters he is a racist BUT the funny thing he is actually from the same country as these people Secondly he constantly calls people gay etc etc as a way of trying to insult someone in his calls (so he has some insecurity’s about his sexual orientation) and three he hasnt ever heard of a thing called tweezers have you seen the eyebrows on this guy?

    and to top it all off after all the attention he has got in the media and on the internet, he is STILL pranking people so he clearly is a dumb ass BEYLUXE really needs to close this room but they wont because they think they will get money from it . I hate to break it to you BEYLUXE but all its doing is making your program look bad and you wont ever get money for this PrankNET is a cancer of your program its killing it! get rid of it before its too late!

  13. Fred says:

    Help us!

    Americans are so stupid, they need to be protected – from their own stupidity!

    Seriously, you can’t fail to see the humor in some of this.

    Hopefully, they keep it so no one gets hurt. Then I could see them extraditing these clowns.

  14. Tim says:

    The funny thing is I just went into his “room” and he asking people why they weren’t doing any more calls? and how it was weird that no one will do anymore calls….. Now he just showed in that fit of rage that a He doesn’t have a brain and b that to this day he is STILL making calls and wont stop making them, Because nothing has been done about him this guy really doesn’t have a life does he? 9/10 people would have stopped by now because they would be worried about getting caught etc etc But not DEX he doesn’t care if he gets caught or not

    Personally I would love to see him getting thrown in Prison so he could be the Prisoners new toy But by the looks of it nothing will get done about it I tell you one thing though he needs to be put in a mental hospital some of the things that come out of his mouth suggests that he is a very sick man.

  15. Vigulant_999 says:

    I found him! Watch the news in ontario… this is going to be fun, i hope he can take what he dishes out, because there is a lot of pain to follow, you’ve been warned tariq. Now its our turn to show you that if the police won’t do anything, we will… I hope you’re a light sleeper…

  16. Tim says:

    Keep us posted Vigulant!

  17. fuckthisshit says:

    all of you ppl are losers and i hope you all die

  18. Anon says:

    Don’t worry, This guy is going to get what’s coming to him, There is a gang in Windsor currently looking for him…. Suprised if he will be still alive over the next few weeks.

  19. X. jones says:

    Nothing will come to dex, you are all wimps who spend more time then him in front of the computer. I like the calls and the fact that some stupid american get called only makes it better!

  20. Steven Brown says:

    Just a quick review of Prank University

    About 50% of the calls are worth listening to, though that’s not the fault of the prankers most of the time. So it’s worth going in if you don’t have anything better to do.

    However, I must warn, that most of the admins are rubbish. I myself used to be an administrator for a few groups, and I know how to act. These guys, sadly, seem to be power tripping. It’s a shock that they are still allowed to have administrative rights. I’ve literally, seen sixteen year old kids do a better job. Sadly, most of the admins are excessively rude and full of themselves, they abuse their power as they see fit, with the leader seemingly, not caring.

    On a side note, it does seem rather sad that multiple people, over the age of 20 are doing prank calls. However, some are still funny and worth listening to.

    Although, don’t let that deter you, just follow a few of their simple rules. Shut up and listen.

    So if you can ignore the idiots, and rather crappy admins, and just sit back to enjoy the calls, then by all means, check them out. It’s definitely worth it.

  21. WatchWhatHappens says:

    Does anyone know who is called the hotel in Bloomington, MN on March 7th, 2011? I heard there was over $40,000 in damages and they pranked a woman here. It was on the news.

    Who did it? a Copycat?

  22. Jennifer says:

    I would just like everyone to know that just now today I put together the pieces and figured out this asshole is responsible for terrorizing my mother while she had my 1 year old son in the hotel room in Anderson South Carolina. If by some chance I ever get to see this man I will let him be the first to feel my 2.5 million volt pink tazer. Dr. Phil- Can you send me a link to the hotel prank youre referring to? I bet you can hear my 1 year old son screaming in the background because he doesnt know what nana is doing. Yeah she was stupid, but stupid aside he threw her into a panic with my BABY in the room.

  23. waaa says:

    Boo fucking who your kid is fine.

  24. Macie says:

    For those of you who think is so funny and no one is getting hurt, I have a guest that got one their stupid phone calls last night about how he was a detective and that there was an aborted baby inside of her bed base in her room. never mind how ridiculous this sounds to get this phone call at 4 am. She was staying at our hotel waiting for heart surgery and had a heart attack during the phone call thinking about how there was a supposed aborted baby in her room. She is now in critical condition. She is 64 years old who has cancer and was waiting for heart surgery and now may die. so yeah go ahead and thing theyre funny losers.

  25. Jennifer says:

    Boo fucking hoo? I bet you don’t have kids and probably don’t know how to love anyone more than yourself. You are a loser who also probably still smoked pot while living at mommys and unemployed.

  26. BigDre says:

    Dex be getting all that big black dick in prison now.

  27. Ed says:

    I like macaroni and cheese

  28. interested says:

    Does anyone know where to listen to PrankU anymore? I’ve not been keeping up for quite some time. Thanks.

  29. Jwalker says:

    Jennifer is an attention whore lol

  30. 3131313 says:

    I can’t say I felt bad for the victims of their pranks 90% of the time.
    There’s absolutely no logic or common sense.
    “break windows to allow air in a fully ventilated building”
    “break windows to fix to alarm system”
    “hotel front desk emergency crisis center”

    Meh, ppl dumb as fuck

  1. August 6, 2009

    […] Seriously, if Tariq Malik is the guy behind PrankNET, he’s someone I’m going to be watching very closely. He (from Windsor), his Toronto accomplice, and few other members have been prank calling people in the US and getting them to perform what I’ve describe above. And more. Many of the pranks result in damages, some of them quite severe. […]

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