PLA Media Pack 2009 now available on bittorrent

PLA Media Pack 2009

It's been a couple years since I made a torrent of the PLA Media Pack and put it up for download. Last time I did this, the "DVD" was a mere 2.5 gigs. Now it's more than double that size, thanks to all the videos, PLA Radio and Phone Shows we've done since then.

So click here and use your favorite bittorrent client to download all of our stuff for free. You'll get hundreds of PLA prank calls, text files, videos, pictures, and lots more.

You can help us share the love by leaving it seeded for awhile after you've downloaded it, to help others get it quicker. And if you have a spare moment, list this torrent on your favorite bittorrent site to help spread the gospel of PLA.


I run this town.

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13 Responses

  1. rbcp says:

    Hopefully I created and seeded the torrent correctly since I only do this once every couple years. Let me know if I screwed anything up!

  2. rbcp says:

    I’m getting downloads from Utah, Boston and Canada now, so I guess it’s working.

  3. Matt says:

    6 gigs? I have too much pr0n and Howard Stern stuff for a file that big…

  4. Matt says: ;]

  5. CW says:

    Downloading now, but really slow. I can help seed if I get more than 1%

  6. CW says:

    Thanks for the upload. I’m at 81% with a .958 ratio and will try to get it to a solid 2.

  7. rbcp says:

    I’ve been seeding almost nonstop since I posted this. So far I’ve uploaded 98.2 gigs to people.

    Currently only 2 people are on and receiving the file from me. One is getting 3kbps and the other is 2kbps. What keeps them from getting it faster? Does that just mean they’re too busy getting it from someone else instead of me?

    Looks like there’s 4 seeders on right now. Thanks for seeding, everyone!

  8. PTL says:

    Gah! it’s 5+gb! i don’t have any dual-layer DVDs!

    Well, looks like this one’s gonna take 2 DVDs.

  9. PTL says:

    Got some dual-layer DVDs. Bad thing is it’s locked at 98.86. Oh well, if it doesn’t finish i’ll tell Ktorrent not to download the unfinishing images and just find them here.

  10. Zero seeds, Two peers at 0%, fail.
    O’well textfiles archived the 2008 edition:
    Still, a REAL shame!

  11. Maave says:

    The torrent site is down, is there any possibility of a re-up? Any seeders should have the .torrent file somewhere on their computer, default µTorrent location is %appdata%/uTorrent/

  12. Jonah says:

    The site doesn’t seem to be working anymore…does anyone have an alternate link?

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