PLA Radio Episode #24 – Yet Even More Phone Mobbing

Hey look, it's 2 episodes of PLA Radio released in the same month! Can you say "RBCP needs a girlfriend?" This episode has audio from the PLA Forum's latest phone mob, a few voicemails from as far back as December and a little something about pay phone stuffing.

pay phone stuffing

00:00 The Word on the street (click it, there's a whole cactus-themed video! Thanks CerealKiller!)
00:25 Intro
01:25 The Phone Show on Party 934
01:46 I Got No Iphone by Perry Grip
02:19 New phone mob
13:08 PLA Forums
13:15 Voicemails - 505-796-4020
16:58 Pay phone stuffing (pics are here and here)
21:48 I've Got Some Falling To Do - by Lemon Demon.

I searched all over Google for some good pay phone stuffing (also known as pay phone jamming, apparently) stories or information and could find pretty much nothing on the topic. I've always seen it mentioned in passing in history books on telephone companies and in underground ezines, but it seems like there hasn't been a really good writeup on the topic anywhere. Am I missing it somewhere? If you know of a website (or a book or video or anything else) on the topic of pay phone stuffing, post it in the comments!


I run this town.

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6 Responses

  1. Barry Soletto says:

    CerealKiller is evil. He destroys ambition and eforces mediocrity.


  2. J J Doo Doo III says:

    Are you not with the last girl anymore? The one you talked about in BBB? Maybe I should start reading the forums.

  3. linear says:

    “Butt plugs…” “Spark plugs!”

  4. crrimson says:

    Excellent fucking show, just the interview with the guy about payphone stuffing was hilarious, and the picture of the old dude still stuffing payphones is great too.

  5. thefinn93 says:

    Minor correction: It’s spelled Parry Gripp’s name is spelled with an A not an E.

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