PLA Radio Episode #20 – Prayer Lines

Jesus ChristIn this episode of PLA Radio we change things up a bit by doing something positive for the people. Praise Jesus!

00:00 Prayer, courtesy of handl3r
00:56 Intro
01:48 PLA Voice Bridge – 218-339-8070
02:05 Sidepocket’s Bluebox Demonstration
02:15 PLA at Defcon
02:47 murd0c and RBCP’s Phreaknic prank
03:05 PLA at Shmoocon
03:30 Telephone Rock
04:53 Prayer line calls
11:38 Voicemails – leave your own messasge at 505-796-4020
15:52 Trevelyn’s ode to the PLA Forums
18:18 More prayer line calls
2248 PLA Wiki
22:52 PLA stickers
22:55 Nominate PLA for a podcast award
23:23 Hand of the Almighty by John R. Butler
25:21 A few more prayer clips


PLA Radio Episode #20 – Prayer Lines — 12 Comments

  1. I’m still trapped in that van…but they have given me hot dogs and internet access.

  2. This was fantastic, one of the best ever. You guys were very inspired and those prayer lines calls had us all rolling on the floor. I didnt evn know that prayer lines existed but then again I live in Europe we shit on god here.

  3. Stupid question, PLA…

    Do you have *just* the “Cactus, cactus, cactus, cactus, PLA Incorporated” intro?

    That would make a killer ringtone.

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