PLA Radio Episode #20 – Prayer Lines

Jesus ChristIn this episode of PLA Radio we change things up a bit by doing something positive for the people. Praise Jesus!

00:00 Prayer, courtesy of handl3r
00:56 Intro
01:48 PLA Voice Bridge - 218-339-8070
02:05 Sidepocket's Bluebox Demonstration
02:15 PLA at Defcon
02:47 murd0c and RBCP's Phreaknic prank
03:05 PLA at Shmoocon
03:30 Telephone Rock
04:53 Prayer line calls
11:38 Voicemails - leave your own messasge at 505-796-4020
15:52 Trevelyn's ode to the PLA Forums
18:18 More prayer line calls
2248 PLA Wiki
22:52 PLA stickers
22:55 Nominate PLA for a podcast award
23:23 Hand of the Almighty by John R. Butler
25:21 A few more prayer clips

12 Replies to “PLA Radio Episode #20 – Prayer Lines”

  1. This was fantastic, one of the best ever. You guys were very inspired and those prayer lines calls had us all rolling on the floor. I didnt evn know that prayer lines existed but then again I live in Europe we shit on god here.

  2. Stupid question, PLA…

    Do you have *just* the “Cactus, cactus, cactus, cactus, PLA Incorporated” intro?

    That would make a killer ringtone.

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