Nominate PLA Radio for a podcast award

You should visit and nominate PLA Radio for a podcast award in the comedy section. Simply go to and write "PLA Radio" in the comedy field, along with in the URL field. Don't forget to include your name and email address on the bottom of the form. And thanks!


I run this town.

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5 Responses

  1. linear says:

    The ads all over this wiki make it unbearable.

  2. Chartreuse says:

    linear it’s called Ad Block Plus! :)

  3. wpuig02 says:

    i just nominated pla radio

  4. Put up a new podcast. Then ask for the votes.

  5. yehti7 says:

    Chicken the “Hebrew” Hammer got it right. Put up a new podcast and we’ll talk votes.

    Even though I just voted.

    VOTE OFTEN AND VOTE PROUD! Your vote still won’t count. Those evil wascley wepuwicans stole the election.

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