PLA Radio Episode #17 – Voice Authentication

Pooh PhoneOMG, it's a new episode of PLA Radio! In this episode I make a mockery of Bell Canada's new voice authentication system. Boy, won't they be pissed! There's also a few voicemails and miscellaneous updates thrown in and best of all...DEBBIE GIBSON MUSIC!

00:00 Gilligan's Island
01:12 Intro by Trevelyn
02:08 April Fools!
03:35 Richard Cardo
04:30 Website issues
04:55 Voice Authentication
07:33 Call to Leslie
11:50 The Test
13:29 Voicemails - (505) 796-4020 or on Skype


I run this town.

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13 Responses

  1. trevelyn says:

    LOL you should stay away from trains and ftp.

  2. handler says:

    i happen to have bell canada, but you will never trick me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  3. Lefty says:

    Ohh fuck that was an april fools?

    damn son u sounded so sincere.

  4. nova says:

    awesome! a new episode!

  5. nova says:

    too bad it sucked.

  6. Lestan Gregor says:

    OMG I was so drunk…i dont remember calling.

  7. s1acker says:

    Lestan needs to go to A.A.

  8. RogueClown says:

    that was some entertaining social engineering to get the voice clips.

  9. nova says:

    I just finished jacking off to this podcast for like the 10th time.

  10. Prisoner416 says:

    Great intro spoof of the Angry Nintendo Nerd.

  11. beerfuck says:

    Awesome show. Wish you would’ve screwed with Leslie’s account some while we listened. Of course, that might be pretty much delivering yourself to the authorities in a bow tied box.

    But way to keep the show fresh with new hax. :)

  12. Name (required) says:

    Leslie also says “blue box” on the call (@9:43)…surprised there was no mention of that. lol

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