RBCP’s New Tell-All Expose Coming Soon!

After months of negotiations, Brad Carter has finally acquired the exclusive rights to a book detailing his take on the sordid details surrounding the Jonbenet Ramsey kidnapping and murder. Find out...

  • Was this all really just a Cuervocon gone horribly wrong?
  • What was El Jefe wearing that night!
  • Why did LogicBox drop out of school just weeks after the murder??
  • Were Brad Carter and Patsy Ramsey secret lovers??
  • How did Apok0lyps' bologna sandwich end up being collected as evidence?
  • Did a malfunctioning police scanner botch the whole thing?
  • Exactly how saggy were Tannest's boobs?

The book includes a thought-provoking foreward by Richard Cardo and is illustrated by mr_doc. It's scheduled to be released in time for this year's Christmas.

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