Get a personalized email address!

Want a email address? How about a subdomain? Get [email protected] and for just $5.00 per year!

This is for forwarding only. We will forward your personalized email address to another, existing email address that you already own. And the subdomain name will forward to your existing website. Sorry, but we cannot host your site and we cannot offer POP3 or SMTP email accounts.

Forward your subdomain to your website, your Myspace, your LiveJournal or anything else that's on the web! And have a permanent email address that follows you on whatever service you're currently using. Each service will cost you $2.50 per year. Get both services for just $5! A savings of nothing!

To sign up, just send the appropriate amount, via PayPal, to [email protected] Your account will be set up, hopefully within 24 hours. Your email/subdomain will last for exactly 1 year. Unless you pay for 2 years. Then it'll last for 2 years.


I run this town.

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12 Responses

  1. ryan B says:

    you are totally ripping off the entire world.

  2. pla says:

    why would anyone do this?

  3. joe f says:

    Hey man, thanks for the e-mail address! It’s awesome!

  4. Fred says:

    If I contribute more celebrities with phones photos, can I get this for free?

  5. Ben says:

    What the hell? You can register a whole domain for less than this. What a pathetic attempt and bilking people to line your pockets. You disgust me.

  6. rbcp says:

    Geez, I never realized this would go over so badly. Sorry everyone. I just thought people might want subdomains and email addresses. $5.00 for a year didn’t seem like such a huge ripoff to me. Should I make it $5.00 for both services? Should I just not offer this?

  7. Godot says:

    Don’t not offer it. Yes, you could get a domain for cheaper, but having a PLA subdomain and email address looks good, because it makes you look like part of the PLA.

  8. rbcp says:

    Okay, I just cut the price in half. $5.00 for a subdomain and an email. $2.50 for either one. So at the very worst, I’m bilking people out of about 42 cents per month. I think I can live with that on my conscience.

  9. murd0c says:

    Who gives a shit what these people think. We all know you’re poor.

  10. z09 says:

    Thanks for the two e-mail addresses! I don’t know what I will do with them, but now I feel important. One question though; Do you monitor the e-mails that get forwarded? Just curious,


  11. Ryan B says:

    I say we kill him!

  12. ANI Fail says:


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