PLA Radio – Episode 11 – Customer Service Extravaganza

I talk a little about a few of the jobs I’ve held in the past and play recordings from each of them, showing just how horrible I am with customer service. This podcast is 20 minutes long and is about 18.5 megs.

  • 00:00 Cactus intro mix
  • 00:45 Pizza calls (click here for more)
  • 03:45 Auto parts calls (click here for more)
  • 05:39 Voicemails
  • 09:35 Promo for Protected Stock Radio
  • 10:20 Car dealership calls
  • 16:49 Hotel calls (click here for more)
  • 20:00 Begging people to visit

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    PLA Radio – Episode 11 – Customer Service Extravaganza — 2 Comments

    1. Wait a sec. You say that these calls are from your past jobs yet you have the hotel ones elsewhere saying you were dialling into a hotel you were visiting and picking up their radio signals.

    2. He did not ever hold these jobs, he’s that weird kid that messed around with phones and electronics, no one like that would hold low noob jobs.

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