PLA Radio Episode #4 – Beige Boxing at the Movie Theater

RBCP & Murd0c broadcast this episode from inside of a dumpster outside a Missouri movie theater, hoping to answer phone calls via the theater's phone box that they've tapped into. They succeed, but are thrown into jail for a few months, pending trial. The involuntary manslaughter charges are dropped, but the phone calls are still hilarious. This podcast is approximately 19 minutes long. Click here to listen to it.

In this episode you'll hear the best of our movie theater prank calls. You'll also hear the song Guilty Deter which was parodied by RBCP and performed by Rob T. Firefly. You'll also hear Rob's remix of one of the theater pranks and an ad from our old Switch campaign. Don't forget to visit PLA Radio for our past episodes. Then go to Podcast Alley and vote for us.

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10 Replies to “PLA Radio Episode #4 – Beige Boxing at the Movie Theater”

  1. lmfao the story and the beginning is crazy, how much of that is really true? did you guys really hide in a dumpster and get arrested? if so thats insane, much props guys

  2. Hey RBCP, what’s the song that starts at the very beginning and continues throughout about half the show?

  3. It’s called Turn Me On by Kashay. I think it might be something I found from Adam Curry’s “podcast music network.”

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